Looking for the perfect addition to your Domain family?

Welcome to THE DOMAIN ADOPTION AGENCY, where we believe every Domain has potential! Each registered Domain is someone’s brainchild; created with intention to give it a fulfilling and long life but its parent(s), for whatever reason, gave it up.

custoserve.com by the DAA


A combination of customer and service. Two parts of almost every industry. This Domain is looking for a home in the customer service industry or any subsidiary of it, including: Hospitality, HR, Training & Development companies and more!

Every year, millions of abandoned and neglected Domains are left behind. Many of those Domains, are now homeless and wondering the virtual world in search of the right family. Here at the Domain Adoption Agency, we strive to find those families and pair them perfectly with our Domains.

“Here at the Domain Adoption Agency, we house future prominent members of the virtual world. Our Domains are raised with intent on becoming assets to your family.”

ohiosbestlawyer by Domain Adoption Agency


Lawyer in Ohio?

We have the perfect addition to your family! This Domain has been apart of our family since it’s birth and longs for a judicial style home environment. This Domain is a stand out, full of confidence and only worthy of the best family. We rest our case.

Our Domains are not in need of sympathy. They don’t want you to feel sorry for them. They want a real family to go home to where they can productively contribute. Here at the Domain Adoption Agency, we house future prominent members of the virtual world. Our Domains are raised with intent on becoming assets to your family.

All adoptions comes with our guarantee to fit into your family. Our School on the Importance of Domains, strict curriculum, only accepts those most qualified for adoption and rigorously vets each one before its acceptance. No matter if you’re an individual looking to start a family, a couple longing to fill that a void, your little one keeps asking for a sibling or an elder looking for a youthful presence; You’ve come to the right place!

plant based chili by Domain Adoption Agency


Plant Based or Vegan home?

Looking to add to your green family? This Domain is direct, an attention grabber and has already dedicated its life the food service industry. For a seat at your table, this Domain promises to tell everyone about your famous recipe.

All adoptions come with questions and we are happy to patiently answer any you may have. Adding a new member to the family can sometimes be difficult at first, as everyone transitions but not here at the Domain Adoption Agency, we promise the adoption process is smooth and detail oriented.

We cover as much of the process as possible, as well as offer suggestions on what type of family they’d benefit most and assistance in how to transition the Domain into your family. No matter what size family you have, background you come from or your qualifications: you’re able to adopt a Domain today!

diva advice by Domain Adoption Agency


This Domain blunt, resourceful and always in charge! If you are a Diva looking to adopt, then we have the newest member your family. A valedictorian at our School on the Importance of Domains, you’ll be the Queen of the virtual block and ranking high as those heels we love to see you wear, in Diva related search queries.

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